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Best Biology Feed(Zhangzhou) CO., LTD is a Taiwan funded company established by Mr. Wangminghui, a Taiwanese entrepreneur, whose virtues of frugality, readiness and good faith have long been cherished by the whole staff as the culture of the company. It is this tradition that has been guiding the company towards a sustainable and stable future.

   The company dedicates itself to providing high quality products to every potential customers so that all of the consumers can enjoy meat and fishery products that are poison-free and green, creating a win-win situation between the company and the customers in the spirit of value innovation.

  The strategic orientation of the company is to transform from the “Best manufacturer” to theBest scientific and technological company” that specializes in Bio-Tech R&D and innovaition, so that all of the customers can have acess to the best products at the lowest price as well as the most satisfactory service.


BEST BIOLOGY FEED(ZHANGZHOU)CO.,LTD.  TEL:0596-3606629/3606979  FAX:0596-3606339
Postal:363206  Address:Zhangzhou Industrial Distric,Fujian Province..
E-MAIL:bestfeed.no1@gmail.com  TEL:+86-592-5857929  FAX:+86-592-5857919